2016 Round 6 Motorsport Zone Superkart Series entries open QLD Raceway November 12 - 13. Close Friday November 3rd

Entries for Round 6 and Grand Finale of the 2016 Motorsport Zone Superkart Series are open and will close Friday November 3rd at the latest. Practice available all day on the Friday 11/11/16 for $80.00 for a half day and $120.00 for a full day. Entry Fee $295.00 for each event. Interstate entries most welcome.

The Queensland Superkart Club has an offer to interstate Superkart Competitors and KA licence holders for a meeting at Queensland Raceway November 12 and 13. Offer is as follows.

1. 50% off race entry (Save 147.50)

2. Membership will be honoury for 1 event (Save $80.00)

3. KA licence will be acknowledged by Queensland Raceways but proof that it is valid will need to be supplied.

The costs are as follows for this offer.

Race entry. Normally $295.00 but now $ 147.50. Payment to Queensland Superkart Club Inc
Westhold Transponder. $120.00 then $100.00 refunded when handed in at the end of the event so the hire cost is $20.00. Buy/hire from Queensland Raceways.
Raceiver Headset. $125.00 then $75.00 refunded when handed in at the end of the event so the hire cost is $50.00 as they have to throw away the earbuds after use for obvious reasons.
Licence upgrade. You will need a licence upgrade for the insurance. You will need to supply proof that your KA licence is valid. Single event licence is $60.00 with your valid KA licence. Buy from Queensland Raceways.