Ever thought about trying Superkarts?

Ever thought about trying Superkarts? Here is your chance. The Queensland Superkart Club has an offer to KA licence holders for a meeting at Queensland Raceway November 12 and 13. Practice will be available in Friday 11th November for $80.00 half day and $120.00 full day. Entries close Thursday November 3rd.
Offer is as follows.
1. 50% off race entry (Save 147.50)
2. Membership will be honoury for 1 event (Save $80.00)
3. KA licence will be acknowledged by Queensland Raceways but proof that it is valid will need to be supplied.

The costs are as follows for this offer.
Race entry. Normally $295.00 but now $ 147.50. Payment to Queensland Superkart Club Inc

Westhold Transponder. $120.00 then $100.00 refunded when handed in at the end of the event so the hire cost is $20.00. Buy/hire from Queensland Raceways.

Raceiver Headset. $125.00 then $75.00 refunded when handed in at the end of the event so the hire cost is $50.00 as they have to throw away the earbuds after use for obvious reasons. Buy/hire from Queensland Raceways

Licence upgrade. You will need a licence upgrade for the insurance. You will need to supply proof that your KA licence is valid. Single event licence is $60.00 with your valid KA licence. Buy from Queensland Raceways.

This offer is to all TAG125 engined karts, KZ2 125cc Gearbox karts mainly as it fits into our classes. However, if there was a group of 6 competitors with something different, say SA250 engined karts, it maybe possible to run for this 1 event as a trial.

Please contact the QSC Inc Race Secretary Roger Amiss on 07 54268472 or email treasurer@qldsuperkart.org for further information.