Phasing out of LEADED RACING FUEL (Avgas)

The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport has recently received advice from the Federal Minister for the Environment, the Honorable Greg Hunt MP, on the considerations for phasing out of the use of lead across Australia. The Department for the Environment has requested CAMS to provide comment to the Department on the use of lead in racing fuel. CAMS is aware that many members of the Historic Motor Sport community, in particular 5th Category Historic competitors, continue to rely on leaded racing fuels for both the reliability and performance of their vehicles in competition. “We’re closely working with the Department of the Environment to ensure a reasonable time frame and method for our members to phase out the use of lead in fuel,” CAMS Sporting & Technical Manager Scott McGrath said. “More detail will be announced to our members, once specifics on time frames and methods on the phase out are decided on by the Department, at a later date. “CAMS will be working closely with the Australian Historic Motor Sport Commission (AHMSC) to further ensure that any decision by the Federal Government can be effectively communicated to those members affected.” Suppliers of fuels containing lead have also been advised by the Department of this intent, and in doing so have limited the approvals under Section 13 of the Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000 to a reduced period of time. The AHMSC, in conjunction with CAMS, intends to provide additional support by the way of education and advice provided to those who will need to make changes or seek an alternative for their vehicle. The increasing concerns about the impact of lead on the environment, occupational and public health and safety is one of the reasons why the Federal Government intends to limit the use of lead; which is evidenced in research detailed in the National Health and Medical Research Council 2015 report on the effects of lead on human health. CAMS will also be engaging with race fuel suppliers to seek further information and advice on suitable alternatives to leaded racing fuels. (Proposed to be phased out at the end of the year. Will update when date is confirmed)