Superkart 80 cc 6 speed

Brand Gold Kart & Tony Kart

Start your 2021 Formula driving career here at a very affordable level that will teach you to upshift through the gears at 13,000rpm hunting down your opponent, slipstreaming them @ 150kph.

Now pull out of the slipstream and hard onto the brakes at the 25mtr mark whilst down shifting and turning in on the racing line...

keep going you have another 10 laps to go! The QLD Superkart club runs an entry level 85cc 6-speed g/box class that is affordable, super easy to maintain and teaches formula driving techniques.

Superkarts race at the Qld Raceway (V8 Supercar circuit), Lakeside International Raceway and Morgan Park championship on full-sized championship car circuits.

Racing under Motorsport Australia (formerly CAMS) with a strict NO-CONTACT rule structure, superkarts are the Formula 1 of the karting world providing the greatest bang for buck formula driving experience in the world!

The karts utilise the approved CIK/FIA chassis with Yamaha and Honda MX engines. An aero package is included allowing for close slipstreaming down the long straights.

The engines are rebuilt and ran in making them ready for competition. Expect to race six rounds of the QLD Championship and four Shootout (Qually sprints) rounds of racing making ten rounds in total across all three tracks.

The chassis will last many years, as the driver progresses the engine can also be upgraded to the next class running a 125cc 6spd engine.


*** Running costs are extremely low as we do not race on tight cornered, compacted go-kart circuits wearing tyres, chassis or bodywork

*** The running costs for the entire season including tyres, fuel, oils, entries, club membership and MA licence amounts to @ $4,800 per season including a $450 rebuild every second year.

A member of the club builds these karts and we now have six karts up for sale $5,800 each.

Watch the on board video of an 85cc Superkart battling with a 125cc non-gearbox kart.


Contact Drene Jamieson for more details on mobile 0423 671 221