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250cc International

250cc International Class

These racing machines are not for the faint hearted, with the top speed of about 260kph plus, and upto 3.5 "G's" while cornering, braking and accelerating.

The 250cc International Superkart class is a international class raced all over the world, and is often referred to as "formula E" or Division 1. These karts have a range of twin cylinder engines that are producing 90 horsepower + in a kart and driver weight only 215kg's. The power to weight ratio makes these karts incredibly fast.

250cc National

250cc National Class

The 250cc National class is one Australia's most popular category. The engine is based on MotoX type engines. All engines must be single cylinder and usally have either a 5 or 6 speed gearbox. These engines are producing 60 horsepower + and can be a real handful to drive. many drivers make good use of large body panels and rear wings to display very creative paintwork and sponsor signage.

Purchase Costs: A new 250 National kart about $18000-$25000.

A good secondhand kart about $8000-$16000.

125cc Gearbox

125 cc Gearbox Class

While some competitors use RS Honda's, we also a number of Rotax engines, A 6 speed gearbox is common and all use 4 wheel disc brakes. Most are now running full aero-dynamic body work. These karts will reach speeds up to 200kph..

Purchase Costs A new 125cc gearbox kart about $18000-$22000.

A good secondhand kart about $5000-$12000.

The 125cc gearbox class probably has the most varied engine makes of all classes.


125cc Gearbox Stock Honda

125cc Gearbox Stock Honda Class.

Stock Honda - The missing link in Australian Superkarting

What is a Stock Honda?

Stock Honda Superkart is a 125cc Honda CR125 engine kart that can be raced wherever Superkarts are raced within Australia. It utilizes a 6 speed gearbox and the engine package is limited to only a standard specified configuration that ensures reliability and an equal playing field with very low running and maintenance costs.

125cc Rotax Max Non Gearbox

125cc Rotax Max Non-Gearbox Class

The Max is a class from our neighbours the Sprint Karts running a controlled engine of 125cc with no gearbox running a centrifugal clutch.

These karts are designed with ease in mind with a push button start (no pushing needed). A larger aero nose-cone is optional with most opting to for looks.

All rules are as per Sprint Karts (smaller hire kart size tracks) with some minor differences.

Total weight kart and driver = light 160 kg, heavy 180 kg.